Get Involved


Got a comedy routine that’s “outside the box”? Think about putting it in Voicebox.

Voicebox welcomes all performers, whether they are seasoned comics or new to performing comedically, who wish to bring something unusual or unique to an appreciative, friendly audience.

We are actively interested in facilitating a performer’s personal style, project or a one-off performance and encourage their own growth as a comic. Our sole interest in this is to give greater depth and breadth to the type of comedy audiences will see.

The biggest satisfaction we get at Voicebox is seeing a performer continue to bring what they first considered “weird” or “too unusual” to bigger, more general audiences at what might be considered more “straightfoward” comedy venues, and seeing that it works!

This may be a character piece, presentation, discussion, song or anything else, provided it’s aim is to amuse, intrigue and delight!

Whilst there is a degree of straightforward stand up at Voicebox, it is not an open mic night. The stand up routine’s content is usually uncommon to what would be seen at more traditional stand up nights, or is a challenge to the form.

If you have an interesting idea that you think would fit in with the night, fill out the contact form below!